Goals for the North Seattle Fives Cooperative School

  1. To promote a love of school and a love of learning.
  2. To promote self-esteem and a sense of competency.
  3. To promote each child's independence and sense of responsibility.
  4. To further develop social skills, including getting along with others, practicing courtesies, expressing needs in an appropriate manner, and supporting a sense of empathy and interpersonal problem solving.
  5. To increase social awareness of a variety of cultures, abilities, ages and viewpoints.  To support a respect and sense of caring for our community and world.
  6. To take pleasure in physical activity, and to develop physical motor skills.
  7. To encourage language and communication skills.
  8. To express ideas creatively.
  9. To further develop mathematical and scientific thinking.
  10. To increase problem-solving abilities.
To accomplish these goals, the NSF’s Cooperative encourages each child, parent and teacher to be a full participant in creating our community- both in the classroom and in the broader learning environment; we believe that together, we can use our strengths and creativity to plan and carry out a multitude of diverse learning experiences that will enrich all of us.